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Solutions for Penetrating Damp, Expert Services

Professional Penetrating Damp Treatments and Full  Damp Repair Services

Does Your Property Have Penetrating Damp Issues?

Penetrating or Lateral Penetrating Damp is a term for describing the successful penetration of water from the outside of the masonry into the inside of the building, this is most visible as a damp patch on the interior wall(s) causing discolouration etc. Penetrating Damp occurs when water can pass unhindered through blockwork, bricks & stonework etc, where water seeps through the pores to penetrate into the masonry. 

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Treating the Causes of Penetrating Damp

The Damp is often caused by issues with plumbing, porous bricks, damaged brickwork, cracks, faulty seals, faulty Render, building defects, leaking roof or gutters etc. This can cause Watermarks/Tide Marks, Moss Growth on External Walls, Damaged & Crumbling Plaster, Appearance of Stains & Salts, Damaged Timber, Wet Rot, Black Mould, Damp patches on the walls and musty aged smells. Issues with penetrating damp should be investigated immediately as leaving these issues
untreated can lead to more serious damage to the building over time .

We cover
Correct Building Defects
Re-Pointing Blockwork
Exterior Waterproof Paints
Gutter, Soffit & Fascia Repairs
Replacing Damaged Brickwork
Re-Pointing Brickwork
Accredited Rendering & EWI
Full Damage Repair Service
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How To Spot Tell Tale Signs of Penetrating Damp 

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