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Woodworm Treatment Services

Woodworm Treatment Solutions for Homeowners in Bristol

Does Your Property Have Woodworm Issues?

Woodworm is a generic term to describe the larvae stage of a number of species of wood boring beetles, Woodworm is quite often an issue in buildings where they feed on the timber creating holes 1.5mm-2mm in diameter which in turn impacts the structural strength of affected timbers, Woodworm can cause massive structural damage to timber reducing its strength and load bearing capacity. This can affect Joists, Floorboards, Furniture and more.

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Complete Woodworm Treatments for Homeowners

The most important stage of Woodworm Treatment is fully ascertaining the extent of damage and infestation , this is done by a thorough inspection as the holes bored into the Woodwork are very small and may be missed or attributed to other issue, also the type of Woodworm species infesting the timbers should be identified as particular Woodworm species require more extensive treatment than others. Once we have understood the species involved, whether the infestation is still active and which timbers have been affected/damaged, we can then recommend and perform the exact type of treatment (if necessary) required to fix Woodworm problems

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